Student Voice

We believe that all students should be taught to find and use their voice to make an effective contribution to our school community.  We explicitly teach students how to communicate with confidence, how to debate and how to engage an audience.  Student are encouraged to be ‘Champions’ of CHS South, be that as a representative for a subject, Form Group, Quality of Success or the school as a whole.  Students are proud to represent the school and each other, playing a major part in developing and shaping our school. 

CHS South Champions Council

Our Champions Council is an inclusive, structured forum for discussion and decision making that allows all students a voice in improving our school. It is a democratic council, with an election process during the start of the Autumn term each academic year.

Each Tutor Group elects two Pastoral Champions, who obtain views from their Tutor Group and feedback in Champions Council Meetings. In addition to Pastoral Champions the Council also has space for nominated Quality Champions to participate.  These positions are filled by students who are selected as an ambassador for one of the Chorlton Qualities of Success.  As we grow to capacity elected representatives from each Year Champions Council will take the views of their Year Group to a School Champions Council. 

Members of the Council have a responsibility to put forward the views of their Tutor and Year Groups. Rather than just presenting their own opinions, students are encouraged to develop as effective leaders and ensure the voice of all students is represented. The Council members also ensure that feedback from the meeting is passed back to their Year and Tutor Groups.  The elected Chair and Vice-Chair of the School Champions Council are invited to attend meetings of the school’s Full Governing Body and to feedback to SLT & Parents. This is to ensure that students are represented at the highest level within the school.

The Champions Council process gives students access to a number of different opportunities across the year including:

  • Suggesting new ideas for rewards systems
  • Delivering school campaigns
  • Giving feedback on attendance and providing ideas for rewarding and encouraging good attendance
  • Carrying out polls across the school to gather feedback on various school issues 
  • Taking part in fundraising events
  • Organising reward afternoons
  • Supporting Year 5 & 6 Transition Evening
  • Participating in the interview panels for staff appointments
  • Influencing and shaping the development of the school 
  • Delivering Digital Safety Week assemblies
  • Taking part in student voice days called 'Have Your Say Days'
  • Taking part in school building work consultations
  • Influencing the canteen menu 
  • Taking part in community projects

Each half term we hold a 'Have Your Say Day' at school where students are encouraged to have their say on a range of school issues. The day is run by the Pastoral, Quality & School Champions, who work hard to collect student feedback and encourage their peers to have their say. The feedback we receive from 'Have Your Say Day' helps us to continue to develop and improve the school for our students

Peer Ambassadors & Sports Leaders
At CHS South we take the health & wellbeing of our community very seriously.  As well as students having a voice in the direction the school takes via the Champions Council, we also have a number of students who represent and support our school community as ambassadors for Wellbeing & Sports.  These students support the school community to be mindful, happy & healthy!

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