In an ever changing world, drama and theatre offer the stability and creative opportunity to explore and discover in a safe and supportive environment. Studying current and historical events inspires us to develop our Local, National and Global responsibility, prompting emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy and a strong social conscience. Our students work as a drama family, they care for and support each other as they are challenged with provocative themes and questions. The centre of our ethos is that exploration through drama and theatre educates, promotes and empowers change, an ethos that is ever more important in fractious times. Drama helps develop creative, invested and passionate young people who recognise how theatre can be used to create positive change.

Drama students will explore style and genre as well as developing their own acting skills through many practical performances while studying the AQA syllabus at Key Stage Four. Reviewing live theatre performances in order to develop analytical and evaluative understanding helps students expand their own opinions and can even challenge prejudice. Students become skilled at breaking down theatre to create meaning and subtext which then empowers their own practical performances.

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