Geography helps students to make sense of the world around them and the challenges we all face. We want our students to see how relevant Geography is in our modern and complex world and for students to understand this world and the role they play in the future of it. We want our students to become well-rounded and worldly people that know; think; study and explore like a Geographer. 
We want all our Geography students to:

Know Geography - as they develop and extend their knowledge of locations, places, environments and processes, and of different scales including global; and of social, political and cultural contexts.

Think like a Geographer - as they gain understanding of the interactions between people and environments, change in places and processes over space and time, and the interrelationship between geographical phenomena at different scales and in different contexts. 

Study like a Geographer - as they develop and extend their competence in a range of skills including those used in fieldwork, in using maps and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and in researching secondary evidence, including digital sources; and develop their competence in applying sound enquiry and investigative approaches to questions and hypotheses.

Explore like a Geographer - as they apply geographical knowledge, understanding, skills and approaches appropriately and creatively to real world contexts, including fieldwork, and to contemporary situations and issues; and develop well-evidenced arguments drawing on their geographical knowledge and understanding.

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