"The highest function of education is to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole."

- J. Krishnamurti (Philosopher, Writer and Speaker)



At CHS South we are committed to providing high quality educational opportunities for our community. Our vision is based on the belief that a rich and knowledge led curriculum is a vital component of life. We nurture academic success alongside creativity and imagination throughout the school curriculum to help learners to secure the knowledge, skills and personal qualities they will need for future success.

CHS South is built on and driven by core values and we are committed to enabling all of our learners to become:


CREATIVE: An education where imagination, curiosity and resilience enable us to ignite our learning.

Learners will:

Experience creative teaching that makes learning engaging and allows them to think independently and be confident citizens.
Be expected to embrace a diverse and cutting edge range of creative opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.


HAPPY: A shared belief that optimism, empathy and responsibility are the foundations for a respectful, safe and inclusive community.

Learners will:

Be proud of their achievements and for the progress they make, and have these achievements celebrated and recorded.
Develop positive, secure relationships so that they flourish and have a powerful sense of their own potential.


SUCCESSFUL: Individuals who are ready to learn, practise being reflective, and are motivated to become champions.

Learners will:

Achieve academic standards of excellence enabling them to excel against any competition nationally.
Experience a rich, exciting curriculum that leaves them able to make powerful choices about their future ambitions.


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