We are excited to announce that we moving to a new Maths homework platform.


This online Maths platform provides comprehensive online video tutorials, which explain mathematical concepts through modelling of examples. Students test their knowledge through differentiated assignments, suitable for their ability and have the opportunity to revisit content if they need to secure knowledge for a specific topic.


Assignments will be set weekly and the expectation is that students copy modelled examples into their homework books, which is also to be used for their working and solutions for their assignments.


After half term, all Maths homework for Year 7 - Year 10 will be set on Sparx, instead of Hegarty Maths.


Year 10 students, and a few brave Year 7 classes have already started this journey, but for everyone else, this will be a new opportunity.


Sparx Maths tailors’ homework to each student’s ability, using statistics and algorithms. This means that every student will receive unique, targeted and personalised home learning.


Please see the guide below on how to log in to Sparx for the first time:


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