Microsoft Teams is the hub for most of your child’s Distance Learning. If your child is sent home from school, they will be able to continue with the same learning that is happening in class as this has all been placed on Microsoft Teams.

Distance learning will be placed in the CLASS SUBJECT TEAMs (e.g. CSO Year 7 Science Class 7so-Sc3) in the files tab in the folder labelled ‘Class Materials’ (more information below).



Logging on

To access Microsoft Teams:

Please CLICK HERE FOR MICROSOFT TEAMS log on and click sign in.


Your log in details 

Enter your username, this will end in 

For example:

Username: [email protected]

Password: chssouth

You should already have been given your login details. 

Please contact the school if you do not know your username or if you need your password to be reset.


Teams Homepage

When you log on, click on Teams on the right-hand bar to view all your class subjects.

Distance Learning

If sent home from school, students are able to follow their lessons from home. 

Once you have clicked on one of your subjects, such as English:

  • Find the bar at the top and click on Files. 
  • Within these folders will be all the lessons from your class teacher. 

Choose the correct term folder e.g. Autumn term 1

  • Year 7 – the folders will be split into your registration groups.  
  • Year 8 & 9 – the folders will be split into either CH band or SO band. Make sure you choose your correct band for that subject. Ask your teacher if you don’t know this.  
  • Then choose the folder with correct week of the term (e.g. week 3) and your learning for that week will be here. 
  • Distance learning for teams should be handwritten in your exercise books. If you don'rt have your book, please write on paper and keep the paper organised ready to bring into school.


Follow your Timetable

Where possible we recommend that students follow their timetable throughout their time at home. For example, if they have Maths then English on a Monday morning we recommend that students complete their Maths lesson on TEAMs followed by their English lesson on TEAMs.

We recommend rest breaks and opportunities for students to stay active, such as the PE Fitness video below.

Students can also work independently on Hegarty Maths or Pearson Active Learn on any topics that they want to practice & also on Bedrock to develop their vocabulary.

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