Studying English at CHS South allows learners to be submersed in a vast array of texts that will challenge, inspire and excite them. We aim to provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to learn to appreciate the beauty of language through exploration of the writer’s craft. With a huge emphasis on creativity and the discovering and utilising of their voice, opinions and ideas are shared and developed through exploratory talk, which is an integral part of our curriculum. We pride ourselves on our strong moral purpose to prepare students not only for the classroom, but for life beyond – offering opportunity upon opportunity to explore current topics, widening their understanding of the world in which they live. Sharing our passion for this subject helps to ignite a passion for reading, writing and all things English related in our students. Some incredibly challenging texts and concepts are explored through accessible and relatable thematic links, pushing students to think outside of the box and develop their own blossoming opinions on the written word. We aim to inspire, to challenge and to help develop happy, creative and successful learners through our expertly planned, colourful curriculum.

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