Welcome to CHS South, our 11-16 eight-form entry, mixed, comprehensive school opened in conjunction with Chorlton High School in September 2018. Our school provides 240 places in each Year Group, growing to a full capacity of 1200. 

I am immensely proud to be entrusted with the role of Headteacher at CHS South. To be able to extend the fantastic provision on offer at Chorlton High School to more young people in our community is one I embrace whole-heartedly. From the very beginning of the process to build and open this school, the community have played a significant part in helping to shape and steer our journey.  As a member of the local community myself, I am very proud to say that CHS South is a rich & diverse environment, within which our young people and their families can see themselves reflected and establish a sense of belonging.


Having worked as a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Chorlton High School for 14 years, I passionately believe in our shared ethos of providing an education that allows young people to become creative, happy and successful. CHS South allows more young people in our community to access an education that not only allows them to achieve academic excellence but also acquire the creative skills necessary to successfully apply their abilities and navigate their way in an ever-changing landscape.  

We also ensure the young people at CHS South have access to a broad and forward-thinking enrichment curriculum.  We are well positioned to offer a diverse and engaging sports curriculum through our fantastic relationships with the vast array of sports providers in our community. Furthermore, our expertise and understanding of the creative arts, an industry growing faster in our local community than anywhere in the UK outside London, will ensure our young people are provided with the opportunities to develop and hone their skills in order to become the next generation of creative trailblazers.


I look forward to welcoming you to CHS South soon; above is a video to tell you a little more about CHS South.


David Prophet


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