Senior Leadership Team

Mr A Park - Executive Headteacher

Mr D Prophet - Headteacher

Ms S Burke - Deputy Headteacher

Ms L Galbraith - Deputy Headteacher

Ms C Higgins - Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Gosling - Assistant Headteacher

Miss C Iredale - Assistant Headteacher

Mr I Jameson - Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo

Mr C Knipe - Assistant Headteacher/Curriculum Leader for Science

Mrs C O'Carroll - Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms D Osborne - Assistant Headteacher

Ms E Shale - Assistant Headteacher

Mr H Singh - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs V Wahed - Assistant Headteacher/Curriculum Leader for Maths


Support Team


Mrs M Jones - School Operations Manager

Miss C Kelly - PA to the Headteacher

Mrs C Boyd - Admin Assistant/Reception

Miss M Campbell - Admin Assistant/Student Services

Miss T Coyle - Admin and Finance Officer

Miss M Hamilton - Admin Assistant/Reception



Miss T Ingram - Lead Attendance Manager

Miss L McGuinness - Attendance Officer

Mrs M Ryder - Attendance Officer


Data and Exams

Mr E Shaw - Senior Data Manager & Exams Officer

Mrs G McCorkell - Admin Officer - Data and Exams



Mrs E Paton - Safeguarding Officer

Ms D Taylor-Bell - Safeguarding Officer


SEN/Access and Achievement

Mr I Jameson - SENDCo

Mrs C Aspinall - Assistant Curriculum Leader for Access and Achievement 

Miss R Fieldhouse - Assistant Curriculum Leader for Access and Achievement

Mrs P Barnes - SEN Admin Officer



Miss N Cunningham - Senior Pastoral Leader/Pastoral Leader for Year 11

Miss P Jackson - Pastoral Leader for Year 10

Miss C Dunn -  Pastoral Leader for Year 9

Mr J Barton - Pastoral Leader for Year 8

Miss M Jeffers - Pastoral Leader for Year 7


Miss Y Ali (Assistant Pastoral Leader)

Miss S Godwin (Assistant Pastoral Leader)

Mrs J Jikiemi (Assistant Pastoral Leader)

Miss I Shah (Assistant Pastoral Leader)


Miss Y Versace (Academic Tutor)



Mr J Williams (Curriculum Leader)

Ms A Baig (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Miss E Allison

Mrs E Campbell

Miss J Foreman

Mrs E Hare (Achievement Co-Ordinator)

Miss K Hussain

Ms S Painter 

Ms A Rana

Mr Z Rees

Mr E Sager


Mrs G Ablott (Librarian)

Miss S Foyster (Academic Tutor)

Mr H Ormsby (Academic Tutor)



Mrs V Wahed (Curriculum Leader)

Miss L Badri (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Mr R Garland (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Mr M Ali

Mr I Campbell (Achievement Coordinator)

Miss A Doyle

Mr J Keightley (Transition Coordinator)

Ms G Lodge

Mr E Tollast (Responsibility in Maths)

Mr A Unia (Responsibility in Maths)


Miss M El-Habchi (Academic Tutor)



Mr C Knipe (Curriculum Leader/Assistant Headteaecher)

Mr E O'Ranson (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Miss C Abeki

Mrs C Khan

Mr M Khan

Mr A Khokhar (Responsibility in Science)

Mr A Rosillo (Science and Maths)

Miss E Roxborough (Responsibility in Science)

Miss F Twaite (Achievement Coordinator)


Mr M Ladki (Technician)

Miss R Learoyd (Technician)



Miss E Ward (Curriculum Leader)

Mr J Hutton



Mr P Goodchild (Curriculum Leader for History)

Miss B Aldridge (Curriculum Leader for Geography)

Miss V Boswell - Humanities

Mrs J Fagan - RE

Mr T Gresham - Humanities

Miss R Fieldhouse - Geography

Miss S Kyrou - RE

Mrs C O'Carroll (Assistant Headteacher)

Mr M Walmsley - Humanities


Modern Foreign Languages

Mr C Hosty (Curriculum Leader)

Miss E Damprobe

Mr A Fitzpatrick

Miss C Holden 

Miss V Willows



Mrs K Smith (Curriculum Leader)

Ms V Dillon (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Miss A Logan (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Mrs C Aspinall

Mr D Halford

Mr H Singh (Assistant Headteacher)

Mr M Sutton


Performing and Visual Arts

Ms G Brain (Curriculum Leader for Performing and Visual Arts) - Drama

Miss S Deegan (Assistant Curriculum Leader) - Art

Miss S Wozencraft (Assistant Curriculum Leader) - Music

Mr C McGill - Art

Miss G Harper - Dance (Transition Coordinator)

Mr H Palmer - Photography

Mr B Richards - Music

Miss L Shaw - Drama


Mr S Moores-Jefferson (Technician)



Ms M Smalley (Curriculum Leader)

Mrs J Meanwell-Trafford (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Miss C Heery

Ms R Reid


Mrs H Hibberson-Davies (Technician)

Ms P Soultani (Technician)


Teaching Assistants

Miss H Aldeeb

Ms R Ali

Miss S Ali

Mrs S Chakraborty

Mr D Crowe

Miss R Fieturi

Miss R Goyal

Mrs A Gulcicek

Miss M Hameed

Miss B Hannon

Mr D Khanal

Miss T Leung

Miss O Liburd

Mr N Morris

Miss K Pang

Miss E Smith

Miss V Vago


Cover Supervisors 

Mr S Abbas

Ms C Ali

Ms V Haslam

Miss D Jackson


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