11 December 2023

Image of Matilda Jr: A Spectacular Theatrical Triumph

Roald Dahl's iconic tale comes to life in the Tony Award-winning musical, "Matilda Jr.," enchanting audiences with a fantastical journey. This heart-warming story follows a remarkable five-year-old prodigy blessed with telekinesis, navigating a harsh home life and a tyrannical school headmistress while finding solace in her nurturing teacher, Miss Honey. The narrative unfolds with Matilda dreaming of a better life and inspiring a cohort of "revolting children" to challenge the status quo.



Matilda, armed with astonishing wit, intelligence, and special powers, battles neglectful parents and the oppressive Miss Trunchbull. Despite the challenges, Matilda's courage and cleverness emerge as a beacon of hope for her fellow students.


The exceptional cast, tirelessly rehearsing since September, displayed professionalism during weekend rehearsals, resulting in four outstanding performances. An additional matinee brought the magic of "Matilda JR." to local primary schools, demonstrating the cast's commitment sharing their talent. The production's double casting showcased maturity and mutual support among the performers.



Elevated by high-energy dance numbers and catchy songs, "Matilda Jr." captivated audiences of all ages. The special little girl with an extraordinary imagination left an indelible mark, thrilling both children and adults. The production stands as a testament to the dedication, talent, and collaborative spirit of CHS South's theatrical community.


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