6 October 2023

Image of A Night of Exploration: Open Evening 2023

We are thrilled to share the incredible success of CHS South's Open Evening on Thursday 5th October! The event was a vibrant showcase of the diverse talents and exceptional curriculum offered at our school.

Here's a recap of the memorable evening:


Headteacher David Prophet kicked off the evening with a warm welcome, delivering his Headteacher’s Address alongside of Head Girl, Mona

and Head Boy, Shia to a packed auditorium in our Theatre.  Of the evening he said, "It was so wonderful to open the doors of CHS South to so many members of our community; the volume of interest in our school was quite overwhelming! Our staff and student guides proudly showcased the CHS South community and all it had to offer to over 500 families, who experienced tasters in all our subjects, sampled food in the Dining Room, listened to the Head’s address, and chatted with students past and present. Following on from our successful ‘good’ Ofsted in January and our landmark results in August 2023, CHS South clearly has established itself as a school of choice for the local community and beyond!".


Captivating Department Activities - Each department pulled out all the stops to offer an immersive and engaging experience:

Culinary Delights and Live Music: Throughout the evening, guests were treated to a delightful array of menu samples, accompanied by live music. It provided a wonderful opportunity to not only savour delicious treats but also gain valuable insights into Transition, Attendance and Safeguarding at CHS South.

Sports Hall Extravaganza: The Sports hall buzzed with activity, featuring trampolining, table tennis, basketball, and an electrifying penalty shoot-out. It was a true showcase of our commitment to physical education and active living.

Food Technology Bake-Off: In the Food Technology department, a Bake Off-style experience unfolded. Guests were invited to sample an array of mouth-watering treats, lovingly prepared by our talented students.

Science Department Showcase: The Science department truly stole the show with a hands-on extravaganza. Guests were treated to a series of experiments involving optics, burning magnesium, acids, alkalis, and awe-inspiring demonstrations. The level of engagement and curiosity was palpable, leaving everyone in awe.

English Department Puzzling Literature Mystery: Guests were invited to join Inspector Inference in a thrilling literary adventure. Using keen perception, they unravelled a puzzling mystery, showcasing the dynamic and engaging English curriculum.

Drama Department's 'Flora' Universe Adventure: The Drama department created an extraordinary experience in the 'Flora' room. Eccentric scientists revealed a portal to a new universe, where guests met aliens Fuego, Blizzard, and Terra. Each had a secret word to escape, challenging visitors to solve the mystery and return. It was an adventure that left everyone spellbound!

Art Department's 5-Minute Portraits: Talented students showcased their artistic prowess, creating beautiful portraits in just five minutes. It was a testament to their skill and creativity.


CLICK HERE to see the full list of activities we had on offer.


The evening was a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of our students and staff. It was heart-warming to witness guests and students alike immersed in these activities, exploring the wonders of our school.


We extend our deepest gratitude to all who attended and contributed to the success of the Open Evening. Their presence made a significant difference, and we hope all our guests left with a deeper appreciation for the exceptional education and opportunities CHS South provides.


We look forward to the continued growth and success of our CHS South community.


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