Our RE, PSHE, citizenship and Life Skills curriculum challenges pupils to become creative, happy and successful individuals.

At CHS South we deliver this as RESPECT which stands for RE(lationships) Employability, Social, Personal and health Education and Critical Thinking. This embodies many strands of our SMSC offering and the new RSE framework is embedded throughout the years.

We aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge they will need to face current and topical issues and that will allow them to respond with resilience to future change and challenge in their personal lives and the wider world. In Year 7 students encounter PHSE through Oracy lessons in English and Year 8, 9 and 10 receive a weekly RESPECT lesson. In Year 11, Life Skills is taught weekly. The curriculum is mapped across the years and identifies links to whole school initiatives.


PSHE and Life Skills Curriculum

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