5 June 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,


I know that many members of our school community have found this week particularly upsetting and challenging.  The CHS South community is one underpinned by the aspiration that its members come to possess and celebrate the qualities we deem vital in creating a balanced, cohesive & fair society, now and in the future. In particular, reflection, responsibility, resilience, & empathy are qualities that we need to foster now more than ever.  I want to thank parents, carers, students and family members for their work to support our community to achieve its aspirations, this week in particular, and to offer my support to any family who feels in need of it; please get in touch if it is helpful to do so.


Provision at Chorlton High School

From next Monday we begin our revised provision for vulnerable children and the children of key workers at Chorlton High School.  To allow us to personalise and extend this provision we will be delivering our own South sessions at Chorlton High School in their Sports block.  Students should arrive in full CHS South uniform at 8:30am at the front of Chorlton High School and they will be met by a CHS South member of staff.  They will then go on to work with CHS South staff on their Teams distance learning in the morning and on creative, health & wellbeing activities in the afternoon.  Break and lunch will take place as usual, but independent of Chorlton High School students and food will be provided at lunchtime.  In line with the CHS South behaviour policy students attending this provision will not be permitted to use their mobile devices throughout the duration of the school day.  Students will conclude their day at 2:45pm and will be escorted back to Chorlton High School’s reception to be collected or make their way home. 


If you feel that your child would benefit from this provision please contact us on [email protected].  If your child is due to attend this provision and is unwell or anyone in their household has COVID-19 symptoms, they must not attend and you should inform us via the email address above or call Chorlton High’s reception on 0161 882 1150 and they will get your message to us.


Distance Learning Provision

Students not attending the provision at Chorlton High School should continue with their distance learning lessons and assignments in Teams.  We will be setting some end of year assignments soon, which we will provide feedback on; these will be issued to students as assignments in Teams in the coming weeks.  Our 'interactive sessions' schedule launched this week and we were delighted to see an average of over 60 students engaging with staff in each session. We hope that these sessions help students to feel connected to our staff and further support their distance learning.  You and your child should already be aware of the sessions available and all students are welcome to attend.   


Community Events

We have a number of community events taking place in the coming weeks.  If you and your family would like to get involved please contact us at [email protected]:

  • Pastoral Team 5K challenge
  • Great Get Together – 19th June
  • Windrush Day 22nd June


I will be in touch again next week with more information as it is made available to us.  Until then, please take care of yourselves, your family and the community around you.




David Prophet


CHS South

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