In June CHS South students were due to go to London on a Performing Arts Trip. Of course now we can’t go so the brilliant Ms Deegan has created a virtual tour of the city and all its best creative sights.

Please take the tour and happy holidays!


Project Next 

How do you see the future after Coronavirus?

As you are aware this term our focus is on Reflection and we thought we would bring a little bit of fun to your lockdown in the form of an EPIC competition with Big Prizes. 

1st Prize - £15 Activity Pack
2nd Prize - £10 Activity Pack 
3rd Prize - £5 Activity Pack

Closing a date for submissions: Monday 1st June
Winners announced: Friday 5th June 

Entry Requirements     
    •    1 piece of creative work 
    •    1 full description of work (minimum 200 words)


We are sure you will agree this has been a crazy time, hasn’t it? All the unexpected changes, the uncertainty, the boredom, the longing to play outside and spend time with friends, family and loved ones. Maybe some of you are missing school? We are most definitely missing you and hope that you are all being positive, staying safe, supporting each other and smiling your way through it all. Just know that we are all in this together!

We all have lots of questions about what the future has in store for us and that’s what we want you to do now, to use this time to truly REFLECT, to make the most of all this spare time, to give yourself chance to think about what you want the answers to be? What goals can you set to make it happen and how can you make it a reality in the future? Think about your hopes and dreams. If you could change things in the world, what would you change? Why? You may be asking yourself some of the following questions -

When will I see my friends again?

Who do I want to see most?

What’s the first thing I will do when this is over?

What will the world look like if they find vaccine?

When will I be back at school?

When will things be back to normal? 

What impact does this have on the environment?

Who do I want to see the most?

What restaurant are we going to first?

What will school be like when we go back? Will it be the same?

What will the future be like in 5, 10, 20, years’ time?

What do I want to be in the future and why?

What’s really important to me?

What makes me happiest?

With all this in mind we wanted to give you something fun to do, where you have the freedom of planning designing and creating yourselves. We want your work to REFLECT how you see the future but that is completely open to interpretation and we want you to create your piece of work based around your interests. Use your imagination, go wild! Some ideas are listed below but remember this is for you to think about what you want create and you are free to express this in any way you like. You can enter the competition as many times as you like but each entry has to include a full description of what you have created and why and this must be at least 100 words long. All entries can be emailed to [email protected] We will only share entries on the school website and school social media platforms upon parent/carer consent.

We can’t wait to see your work - good luck!

    •     Painting, Sketch or Drawing
    •    Animation
    •    Comedy Sketch
    •     Poem 
    •     Short Story
    •    Poster
    •    Collage
    •    Piece of Creative Writing
    •    Piece of Creative Music
    •    A dramatic Performance 
    •    Piece of Dance
    •    A play – Maybe you can even get your family to star in it
    •    A PowerPoint presentation 


Send a Poem of support 

Age UK Trafford are a local organisation in Urmston which helps and supports older people within our community. During this time, Age UK Trafford are working hard to try and make sure that vulnerable older people have all the things that they need including medicine and food. BUT, they need our help! In each bag they give out they would like to include a message from a local child to cheer them up and let them know that people are thinking of them.

Our challenge to you is to create a Shape Poem or a poem that we can send to Age Uk Trafford to include in their packs. 

A shape poem is a poem in the shape of what it describes (see the examples above). You might want to use a heart shape, a rainbow or any other shape that links to a message of love and support.

A good way to start is to write down words that you would like to include in the poem.

You could include the words: Hope, Kindness, Love, Strength, Together, Community, Optimism, Fortitude (Word of the Week)

More information on Shape Poems can be found here.

Please send in your poem or a picture of your poem to [email protected] with the subject 'Shape Poem'.

Let's spread some happiness to those most in need in our community.


Zoo Planning Project

Zoo Design Project

We can't wait to see your designs for a modern, environmentally friendly zoo! Look out for some familiar faces in the information below...


Task: Take a virtual tour of the Space Center Houston using their free app.

Research & Planning: Download the Space Center Houston app then take the virtual tour, try their selfie filter and take the mission personality quiz under the games tab to see which space mission would best suit your personality!

Space Science Project

Production: Feeling creative? Why not try to build your own space themed model from some of your items for recycling! You could try to recreate the space station or a particular part of it you saw in the virtual reality. You could create a model solar system by researching the relative sizes and distance from the sun of each planet. You could come up with a creative and visual way to remember the order of the planets in the solar system.

We'd love to see your models, selfies and creations. Email us at [email protected] using the subject 'Space Science Project'.


Circuit Training Programme

Dear CHS South students,

The PE team have created a home version of our circuit training lesson. We should all be very familiar with our fitness circuit training lessons at The Armitage Centre. Now you can try to complete the same exercises from the comfort of your own home or garden. It is so important for you and your families to stay active during these difficult times and we hope that you find this project useful. 

Find a record for your performance here.

We would love to see photographs of you taking part in this programme. Email your photos into [email protected] using the subject 'PE Circuit Training'. Stay safe and active!


French Cooking

Enjoy cooking and developing your French skills!

Try the recipes below with a member of your family. Talk in French as much as you can as you cook. Can you learn any new words? Use MEMRISE or Duo Lingo to help develop your French speaking.

Spanish Projects

Become a journalist, restauranteur or chef with the projects below!

Spirited Arts Competition

This is an exciting RE project that you can do at home! 

Over 350, 000 young people have entered a competition to make a work of art in RE in recent years. Now is your chance to do the same! There are £25 prizes for the winners awarded by NATRE (National Association for Teachers of RE), and your work may appear on their web gallery here.

Drama Design Project

Click here to design and create your very own film set!

Music Challenge

Keep your creativity flowing by completing one mini Music challenge a day.

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