Whole School Celebration Dance - Move your Body!

One of the ways we are celebrating the end of this academic year is with a whole school dance. The theme is Beyonce's 'Move your Body' and our new dance teacher has kindly created some videos to support staff and students to contribute to the dance. We are inviting students to email in a video of themselves dancing to one or more of the moves so that we can put all the clips together to create a Whole School Dance Video as a community project. We encourage all of our students to stay active and get dancing!

Foundation Badges








Each half term our students work towards earning their Foundation badge. For the Summer 2 half term this will be the ‘I Want The Best.  I Am The Best' badge for Year 7 and the ‘Champions’ badge for Year 8. These badges are underpinned by the qualities of resilience, practice & motivation.  In order to achieve their badge we are asking students to demonstrate their resilience, practice and motivation through their engagement with the series of assignments they will be receiving from their teachers in Teams to mark the end of the academic year. Students should complete and submit their assignments in Teams by the required deadline and they will be rewarded with their badge! There are also a series of additional activities that they can get involved in such as ‘The Great Get Together’ or Mrs Paton & Mr Mundell’s ‘Couch to 5K’ challenge. Mr Mundell & Mrs Paton will check in with your teachers as the half term progresses and issues the rewards as we head towards the Summer holiday!


Creative Learning Opportunities

There are masses of creative and engaging learning opportunities being shared at the moment.  We'll share the best that we find with you here!

Free Daily Activities

Instagram Activities

Kemoy Walker is an Ambassador and Youth Worker for Manchester & Moss Side. 

During this time he is continuing to reach out to young people through social media channels and through his monthly newsletter.

Click here to read his May Newsletter, which is full off free activities and youth projects that you can get involved in.

Creative ideas to try at home!

Click here to learn how to make Ms Hibberson Davies' 'Pizza' Soup!


SPEAKERS for schools - VTalks

  • Join 10 minutes before the VTALK to be ready
  • You can join without needing an account – Watch how here
  • For full speaker descriptions visit the VTALK Schedule here
  • Watch pre-recorded VTalks from our library here
  • Please see our Schools Guide here.
  • Below my signature is more information on the SFS activity sheet
  • The colour codes can be found under my email signature below


Bored at home?

Here are some creative and fun things for you to do at home!
Get 2 months FREE at Kindle Unlimited to listen to your favourite books or find a brand new one! 

You can also listen to books at Listening books.org or at Audible which is free to use until quarantine is over. 

If you want to read an e-book, you can download FREE classic books from the world famous Gutenburg or from Solomon Kingsnorth – they have books in PDF, Word and audiobook format!

There is also Read great literature online and 50,000 free ebooks for even more! 

Download and print off some free colouring/relaxation images to enjoy.  

Why not Make your own Time Capsule to remember the lockdown! 

Improve your memory to help you when you come back to school. 

Ever wanted to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard? Learn for FREE here: learn to touch-type.

National Theatre at Home

Well done Reuel and Thomas for emailing us our first reviews of Frankenstein!
Read these insightful reviews here.

Click here to watch National Theatre Productions in the comfort of your own home.


Weekly Maths Puzzle - We are all Mathematicians!





Word of the Week


Adjective – Attractive and impressive through being richly colourful. 

Synonyms - Dazzling, Gorgeous, Lustrous, Magnificent


What is the most resplendent place you have seen or visited?
Could you write a short paragraph where you describe a resplendent setting? 
Year 7: Who is the most resplendent character in the play you are studying? Why is this? 
Year 8: Do you think the description of the creation is resplendent?


Watch the resplendent bird in this video and how he uses his colours in his resplendent performance.


Google Arts & Culture 

The Tate Galleries have created a website dedicated to young people. You can explore different galleries & exhibitions, watch videos, take part in online quizzes & much more.

Tate Kids

Get exploring here!

Explore more famous museums and galleries from across the world from the comfort of your own home by clicking here

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo opened their doors on You Tube for a virtual day with the animals.  Catch up with their antics here!


Learn a Language

An amazing use of time would be to try & learn a new language. Below are 10 words to get you started. Use your memorisation techniques to try & learn them & remember to revisit & retrieve them repeatedly over time.

Why not create a poster with images & these words that you can stick up on the wall? Or create a set of flash cards & ask your family to test you? Please email in your creations so that we can celebrate your work.

Once you have mastered the words below use the Duo Lingo app or the link here to enhance your vocabulary further.




upstairs = arriba

downstairs = abajo

there is / there are = hay

a living room = un salón

a dining room = un comedor

a kitchen = una cocina

a corridor / hallway = un pasillo

a toilet = un aseo

a bedroom = un dormitorio

a bathroom = un baño



upstairs = en haut

downstairs = en bas

there is / there are = il y a

a living room = un salon

a dining room = une salle à manger

a kitchen = une cuisine

a corridor / hallway = un couloir

a toilet = une toilette

a bedroom = une chamber

a bathroom = une salle de bain

Exciting places languages can take you to!

Read here about how Farah Aden became a Conference Interpreter and the incredible experiences that she had as a result.

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