CHS South Open Mornings

On the 1st March 2018 your child will be awarded their Secondary school place. Inevitably there will be some students who aren’t awarded their first preference and some who aren’t awarded any of their schools of choice. We are aware this can be a daunting situation for any young person and their family to find themselves in.

As we are a brand new school with 240 places available from September 2018 some students not awarded their schools of choice may have been offered a place at CHS South if it is their nearest school with places available. If you and your child find yourselves in this situation, we recognise you will need time to consider your options and will have questions to ask. We also recognise that you may be in a situation where you haven’t been awarded your school of choice or CHS South and may be interested in changing your preference in favour of CHS South if there is availability.

To assist young people and their families in this situation we are hosting two CHS South Open Morning events on Saturday 10th March and Saturday 21st April 10am – 12pm at The Green Room at Chorlton High School. These events are intended for anyone in the situation above to call in and speak to the leadership team for CHS South, ask any questions and get to know us a little better before making a decision about their situation.

So feel free to drop in and meet us if you find yourself undecided about your Secondary offer.

If you have not received a place at CHS South or you wish to change your preference in favour of CHS South please either complete the online form here:

or contact the admissions team on [email protected].

If there is availability you will be offered a place and if we are full you will be added to our waiting list until a place becomes available.  The Local Authority only keep children on a waiting list for one term; you will need to reapply for the following term.

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